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From: Paul Bullock (paulbullock@EBMS-LTD.CO.UK)
Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 06:18:28 EST

Paul C response to DY's  statement  seems to me to be strange indeed.  Is PC
stating that 'globalisation' ( whatever this is.......a more amorphous
notion one would find hard to find!) has somehow abolished monopoly? Clearly
then various EU / US state agencies are barking up wrong trees! quite apart
from the serious disappointment in their careers that so many writers and
'economic' investigators  will now suffer at the hands of PC's discovery!
What is actually clear is that relatively few producers/corporations  in the
world, lets say 300, headquartered in very few states lets say 10, but
mostly in the US, have a monopoly ( in the sensible sense of over 25% of the
market ( UK Competition regs)), and that this 'monopoly' allows huge profits
which are in part are used to provide payments to sections of the work force
to ensure loyalty and stability to the system.

P Bullock

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> Rakesh made a serious point. If the logic of the argument relates in
> some way to monopoly, then it can no longer be held to apply now
> in an epoch of globalisation when the capitalist mode of production
> has spread accross much of the world.

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> > Rakesh,
> >
> > Engels was using this example to show how the impact of Britain's
> > world monopoly affected class relations in Britain. Britain, as Lenin
> > pointed out, showed two characteristic features of imperialism in the
> > latter half of the nineteenth century. With the advent of imperialism
> > these conditions were reproduced in a few major capitalist countries.
> > You know all this and so your reply is simply not a serious one and I
> > have no intention of conducting further discussion with you at this
> > level.
> >
> > David Yaffe

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