Re: (OPE-L) Re: Paresh Chattopadhyay 'Capital, The Progenitor of Socialism'

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Wed Dec 31 2003 - 09:38:26 EST

>Too much said.  Please return the discussion to one which concerns
>issues of theory and politics.   The following has no place on our list.

And how can I be accused by Levy who uses the administrator title of
veering from issues of theory and politics when I wrote:

Perhaps the principal problem is a rentier state, however that rent
is distributed. We haven't yet discussed the problem of Dutch
disease; Terry Karl does discuss it a bit, but does not clearly spell
out its workings.

A social democrat, Allende was not in charge of a rentier state, and
he did have an actual program of land reform and worker rights.
Chavez's program is very difficult to decipher. A lot of symbolic
politics in the international sphere, charged rhetoric about Bolivar,
delusions about the power of OPEC to set the price of oil, a friendly
regime for foreign investors, and some minimal programs for the poor
coupled with an assault on seemingly the last vestiges of good
working class, 'technician' jobs. Allende was not a demagogue.

this was a substantive post, and my initial response to Zarembka's
exactly Stalinist form of insidious insinuations was quite
restrained. The only person who needs to be disciplined, if not
kicked off this list, is Zarembka.


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