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From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@SFU.CA)
Date: Sun Dec 28 2003 - 18:27:42 EST

At 17:43 28/12/2003, Paul wrote:
>Dear Rakesh,
>It is very important that exchanges are based on facts as you are aware. I
>attach 3 articles on Venezuela, 1 written a week after the defeated coup
>attempt against the Chavez Government, and anothers following the subsequent
>at the 'economic' coup attempt - the lock out - . Since you often send us
>useful articles I hope you'll enjoy these. They are in Corel Word Perfect.
>Paul Bullock

Nice items, Paul. It reminds me that people should make a point of seeing
or organising a showing of Kim Bartley's award-winning documentary, 'The
Revolution will not be Televised.' (If you are organising it, be sure to
let local opposition people know, so they can organise to ban it--- this
does wonders for the interest in the film!) There's also a new video, 'With
the Poor of the Earth', produced by MEPLA (the Institute for the Recovery
of Latin American Memory) which traces the revolution from the organisation
of an underground revolutionary military group by Chavez in the 80s up to
several months ago. It was shown at the Film Festival in Havana several
weeks ago and on state TV in Venezuela; an English sub-titled version
should be available within 2 months.
         Re Paul's attachments: my Word programme for some reason converted
the Word Perfect files into Vietnamese font (not certain about the
political import) but it is easy to reconvert them into, eg. Times New Roman.
         in solidarity,

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