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At 22:25 22/12/2003, jerry wrote:

>Now a question:  in reading again the 4/12/71 letter to Kugelmann, I noticed
>the following:
>"If you look at the last chapter of my _Eighteenth Braumaire_, you will
>find that
>I say that the next attempt of the French revolution will be no longer, as
>to transfer the bureaucratic-military machinery from one hand to another,
>but to
>REVOLUTION ON THE CONTINENT." (capitalization added for emphasis, JL).
>-- Do you think that this is also a prerequisite for the people's
>revolution in

I agree entirely with your remarks on Marx's comments on the Commune and on
the responsibility of revolutionaries. As to the question about
transferring the military machinery, etc,: concretely in the absence of
support for the government by the military to this point, there would be no
possibility of a people's revolution at this time--- especially given
support of the opposition by the heavily armed police, the US involvement
in Plan Colombia, etc. It's a pretty complicated situation and there are
lots of arms in civilian hands, too. I share Paul B's point-- you need to
recognise that the context in which Marx made his comments is rather
different; on the other hand, Marx's comment in 1871, I think, universally
applies: "World history would indeed be very easy if the struggle were
taken up on condition of infallibly favorable chances."
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