Re: (OPE-L) The Western Marxism Study Group (WMSG)

From: Itoh Makoto (mktitoh@KOKUGAKUIN.AC.JP)
Date: Sun Dec 21 2003 - 23:48:56 EST

Dear Jerry;
The WMSG is, as far as I know, a relatively small study group among several serious post-graduate students mostly at the University of Tokyo. 
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Subject: (OPE-L) The Western Marxism Study Group (WMSG)
The WMSG is in Japan.  A list of readings is at the
following site:
Note that readings by listmembers Antonio, Bruce R, 
Michael W, and Simon, and by former listmember
Duncan F,  have been studied.  The WSMG, evidently,
is coordinated by Oki Kosuke, a PhD student in 
economics at the University of Tokyo.  Oki is also
responsible for the "Ultimate Marxism" site:
(where there are links to the web sites of Anwar, Iwao,
Michio, Michael W. and more).
Does anyone on the list have any more knowledge about
the WMSG?
In solidarity, Jerry

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