(OPE-L) The Commoner N. 8 Autumn/Winter 2004

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Dear friends

the new issue of The Commoner is out at 


please circulate in your network.


The Commoner N. 8 Autumn/Winter 2004
Around Commons and Autonomy, War and Reproduction

 Paul Routledge, Convergence of Commons: Process Geographies of People's Global Action  

David Harvie, Commons and Communities in the University: Some Notes and Some Examples  

Werner Bonefeld, Uncertainty and Social Autonomy  

Colectivo Situaciones, Causes and Happenstance (dilemmas of Argentina's new social protagonism)

George Caffentzis, Freezing the Movement: Posthumous Notes on Nuclear War  

Mariarosa Dalla Costa, Capitalism and Reproduction  


Peter Waterman. The Excessively Post-Communist Manifesto of George Monbiot

Phil McLeish. The Promise of the European Social Forum 

Massimo De Angelis. The  First London Social Forum. What have we achieved? 

Massimo De Angelis. Another world is possible. How? A short talk to the First Danish Social Forum, Copenhagen, 31 October 2003. 

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