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Date: Sun Dec 14 2003 - 22:32:47 EST

From the opposition site _Venezuela Today_. If these right-wingers
weren't dangerous, this would be too funny. Hockey player indeed!
In solidarity, Jerry

>They are bringing Lebowitz in
>the eighth inning but the game
>is already 9 to 1
>By Gustavo Coronel
>December 2, 2003
>Left hander relief pitcher
><http://www.sfu.ca/economics/faculty/mike_lebowitz.html>Mike Lebowitz
> walked slowly to the mound of the Caracas baseball stadium. He had been
>  brought at the last minute from Havana, from the Vedado neighborhood
> to be  exact, where he had been living for a while, trying to
> understand Latin  American baseball and politics. As he  walked to the
> mound  he felt like a  beached whale. He had no knowledge of the
> opponents, not even a good  feeling for his own team. He had been
> reading a book by
><http://www.rebelion.org/harnecker.htm>Marta Harnecker, "Harnecker" as
> he  calls her, but he knew that Chileans do not play baseball.
> Furthermore the  book was in Spanish. From what little he had seen so
> far, his team was not  even revolutionary in the orthodox sense of the
> word. At best the game was  being played by two teams of the
> bourgeoisie, not by a truly revolutionary  team opposing the hated
> oligarchies. And there he  he was, coming in to  pitch for a team which
> seemed to be simply looking for a political  reshuffling and not for a
> true change. "What am I doing here?" he thought.  But as he thought
> that, it was already too late. Manager Gregory Wilpert  was handing him
> the ball.
>The problem with Lebowitz is that he is not a baseball player. He
> probably  plays good hockey, at least he looks like a hockey player,
> but they  brought him to Caracas to play a game he did not know
> anything about. His  knowledge of Latin baseball was only theoretical.
> In the case of  Venezuelan baseball it was only based on whatever books
> Marta told him and  this is not the proper way to play the game. The
> pitcher he was relieving,
> <http://gregpalast.com/columns.cfm?subject_id=20&subject_name=Latin%20Americag
>  Palast, had gone back to London in disgrace, after allowing several
> runs  by the opposition. Manager Wilpert only had Lebowitz left in the
> bullpen.  The star of the team, first baseman Chávez, has had a
> disatrous
>performance. He committed several costly errors which allowed the
> opposing  team to build a comfortable lead.  Lebowitz felt this was
> unfair. The game  is already lost, he felt, and no matter how good I
> look in relief I will  not get any credit.
>He decided, therefore, to do the minimum possible effort on behalf of a
>  team he did not trust. For all he knew, the good guys were the others.
> He  would be going back to Havana, where he would write an esay on the
> unusual  type of baseball played in Venezuela.
>The main problem with Lebowitz is that he lives in a predominantly
> theoretical, academic world. If you pitch "this way," theory says, the
> batter will strike out. But whenever he tries to put this theory into
> practice, he gets clobbered. Considering his significant cultural
> limitations, he did as well in Venezuela as a Venezuelan would have
> done  shoveling snow in British Columbia.
>© 2003 Gustavo Coronel

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