(OPE-L) Alfredo's resignation from the Advisory Committee

From: OPE-L Administrator (ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu)
Date: Sun Dec 07 2003 - 13:26:07 EST

Alfredo has decided to resign from the OPE-L Advisory Committee,
effective immediately.  He indicated that he "never envisaged that this
would be a position for life"  and that he feels that he has
"already served on the AC for a sufficiently long period of time, and am
happy with the AC's modest contribution to the development of the list
along pluralist, inclusive and mutually respectful lines."  Of course,
he will remain a member of the list.

On behalf of  everyone on the list, and especially myself,  I thank
Alfredo for his service to the list.   His presence on the Advisory
Committee will be sorely missed.

Allin and Fred remain on the Advisory Committee.  The AC will discuss
whether we should seek a replacement or replacements.

In solidarity, Jerry

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