capitalists awareness of the origin of surplus value

From: Francisco Paulo Cipolla (cipolla@UFPR.BR)
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 15:34:44 EST

Dear colleagues of OPE-L. Let me share with you this observation.
On the one hand Marx argues that the transformation of surplus value
into profit hides away the origin of sv in v and makes it appear as if
it stems from the total capital (be it consumed or invested according to
which we measure the increased value against cost or against advanced
On the other hand he says (International Publishers 1967, volIII p. 197,
and in several other places as well): "a capitalist who would not in his
line of production employ any variable capital... would nonetheless be
as much interrested in the exploitation of the working class by
Here he suggests that capitalists are aware 1st. about the origin of sv;
2nd. of the distribution of sv according to the volume of capital
advanced. Isnīt this funny! It is a question related to the issue of the
awareness of capitalists of the exploitation process which was discussed
a while back.
If that capitalist employing zero labor were to be a producer of wage
goods one would expect him/her to route for higher wages so that demand
for his product could be greater.

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