The Philosophy of Keynes' Economics

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The Philosophy of Keynes' Economics
by Jochen Runde (Editor), Sohei Mizuhara (Editor), David A. Fennell,
Runde and Mizuhara

Editorial Reviews

Book Description
Keynes dominated economic thought in the 20th century and his
presence is still felt today in economic thought and policy. This
comprehensive analysis of his philosophy features chapters from
today's leading economic thinkers.
John Maynard Keynes is arguably the most influential Western
economist of the 20th century. His emphasis on the nature and role of
uncertainty in economic thought is a dominant theme in his writings.
This book brings together a wide array of experts on Keynes' thought
such as Gay Tulip Meeks, Sheila Dow and John Davis who discuss,
analyse and criticise such themes as: Keynesian probability and
uncertainty; the foundations of Keynes' economics; and the
relationship between Keynes' earlier and later thought. "The
Philosophy of Keynes' Economics" is a readable and comprehensive book
that should interest students and academics interested in the man and
his thought.
Book Info
Text overviews the philosophy and thought of John Maynard Keynes, one
of the most influential Western economists of the twentieth century.
For students and academics. Hardcover, softcover available. DLC:
Keynsian economics.

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