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I thought some on this list might be interested in
Gary's message to PKT./ In solidarity, Jerry

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Listmembers might be interested in the attached announcement.




The Fondazione Centro Ricerche Studi e Documentazione Piero Sraffa offers a
fellowship of 7500 euros to foreign scholars interested in classical
economy and in Piero Sraffa scientific contribution. The fellowship entails
residence in Rome for a period of 5 months beginning 15 January 2005.
The fellowship is intended for scholars who are enrolled or about to enrol
a Ph.D. program. Applications are however welcome also from more experienced
scholars who already hold a Ph.D. or have equivalent research experience. In
addition to the winner of the fellowship the Centro will admit other
students who can fund their stay from a different source.
During their period of residence participants in the program will be
to conduct readings concerning the classical economists, their
Sraffa's contribution and later developments with respect both to the
of marginal theories and the revival of the classical approach. Short essays
will be written on assigned themes and discussed with supervisors
The scholarship will be paid in two instalments in January and April. Travel
expenses will be refunded upon arrival.
Candidates are asked to include with their applications, besides their
and e-mail addresses and telephone number: (i) a curriculum vitae; (ii) a
letter of support from a scholar well acquainted with the applicant's work;
(iii) a short description of the applicant's research interests and
or unpublished writings.
Applications should be sent to the Fondazione Centro Ricerche Studi e
Documentazione Piero Sraffa, Via Ostiense 139, 00154 Roma, Italia
(tel.++39.+6-57374.037/035/003; fax. (++39)(+6)57374-254) and arrive by 31
March 2004. The Centro Sraffa will take its decisions concerning the
applications by the end of April and information will be sent accordingly.
Further enquiries are welcome at sraffa@uniroma3.it.

The  Administrative Board: R. Ciccone, P. Garegnani, P. Leon


Advanced Fellowship

The Fondazione Centro Studi e Documentazione Piero Sraffa offers a grant of
2,000 euros plus travel expenses to an advanced scholar interested in
one month at the Fondazione during the academic year 2004-05, dates to be
agreed upon.
Candidates should be interested in research subjects concerning the
approach to distribution and relative prices as revived and developed by
Sraffa and later writers. The fellow will have use of the facilities of the
Fondazione and will be invited to present in one or more seminars his or her
work on the above-mentioned line of research. Applications for longer
of stay at the Centro, financed from other sources and connected with a
research programme of interest to the Centro, would also be welcomed.
Applications should reach the Fondazione Centro Ricerche Studi e
Documentazione Piero Sraffa, Via Ostiense 139, 00154 Roma, Italia
(tel.++39.+6-57374.037/035/003; fax. (++39)(+6)57374-254; e-mail:
sraffa@uniroma3.it) by 31 March 2004. Applicants should send a curriculum
vitae, relevant publications, a description of their current research work
a statement of the interests prompting their application.

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