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Dear Colleagues:

Below and as a Microsoft Word attachment is the AFIT call for papers.

-Geoff Schneider

Association for Institutional Thought [AFIT]
The annual meeting of AFIT will be held
April 21 - 24, 2004
Salt Lake City, Utah
In conjunction with the Western Social Science Association (WSSA) 46th
Annual Conference

Theme for the 2004 Conference:
Institutional Thought and Progressive Policy in an Age of Uncertainty
As the unsettled global economy staggers under the combined forces of
neoliberal, supply-side policies and US neo-imperialistic ambitions, the
time is right for a well-articulated, progressive response that lays out a
viable alternative set of policies based on institutionalist
principles.  The domestic problems of a job loss "recovery," massive trade
and budget deficits, and stagnant wages, coupled with the international
problems of the continuing economic decline of many developing countries,
terrorism, and unilateralism, resemble nothing of the equilibrium world of
neoclassical economics.  Institutional and other heterodox economists
stressing the evolutionary nature of the global economy have much to
contribute on some of the big questions facing us today:

-Will the coming age be a period of retrenchment and stagnation under a
neoliberal policy regime or can progressive policies slow the race to the
bottom and ameliorate current trends?
-Is the Enronian corporate model dead, or if not how can it be killed?
-How can our political and economic institutions respond to a democracy
that is bought and paid for by the vested interests?
-What is the import of the return of massive budget and trade deficits for
the future?
-What economic policies should the challengers to George W. Bush stake out
in their battle for the Presidency?

In addition to the above topics, AFIT welcomes papers reflecting the
tradition and analytical perspective of Institutional
Economics.  Submissions from economists of other heterodox schools of
thought, including ecological, feminist, Marxist, post Keynesian, and
social economics, are also welcome.  We also encourage proposals from
graduate students, and it is anticipated that at least one and possibly
more panels of graduate student papers will be included in the program this

We also hope to continue the tradition of having one or more roundtables on
ideas, experiences, and materials helpful for incorporating
institutionalism and heterodox economics into our teaching.  Participants
in these roundtables are encouraged to submit their materials for posting
on the AFIT web site.

Anyone interested in attending the AFIT Conference or in finding out more
about the organization may visit the AFIT web site at
http://afit.cba.nau.edu.  The WSSA web site can be found at

How to submit a proposal:
You must be a member of AFIT to present a paper at the conference.   Annual
dues are only $15.  Contact Richard Adkisson, Secretary-Treasurer of AFIT,

  Individual Paper Proposals.  Proposals should include the following

Section:   AFIT
Mailing Address:
Title of Paper:
Abstract (150 words):

Complete Panel Proposals.  Complete panel proposals are invited.  Panel
proposals should include 3-4 papers, 1-2 discussants and a panel
chair.  Panel organizers should send a brief letter with the following
information:  1) Title of panel; 2) List of Participants; 3) E-mail
addresses for all panel participants.  Each participant in the panel should
also submit an individual proposal with the information listed above.

Please note:  Abstracts of papers presented at AFIT will be included in the
WSSA published abstract disk (available at the conference).  WSSA requires
that abstracts not exceed 150 words.

Audiovisual or other equipment needs:  Individual and panel proposals
should include requests for any equipment.  It is difficult (and expensive)
to arrange for equipment at the last minute.  Please plan ahead!

Send proposals by E-mail (file attachment in Microsoft Word or RTF
preferred) to the Vice President of AFIT:

Geoff Schneider
Department of Economics
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Phone:  (570) 577-3446
E-mail:  gschnedr@bucknell.edu

Deadline for proposal submission:  December 1, 2003

Geoffrey Schneider
Associate Professor of Economics
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Phone: (570) 577-3446
Fax: (570) 577-3451
E-mail: gschnedr@bucknell.edu
Web page: http://www.facstaff.bucknell.edu/gschnedr/

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