(OPE-L) Re: Blake's _Elements of Marxian Economic Theory and its Criticism_ now online

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 07 2003 - 18:26:44 EDT

Paul B wrote on 10/5:

> thanks for this I've been trying to get a copy for years. 
> and have to do with old fotocopies.. in UK its more difficult. 

I'm happy that you found the information helpful.

Curiously,  the cover title of Blake's 1939 book printed on the binding
by the publisher (the Corten Company), was _An American Looks 
at Karl Marx_  (yet, when you open the book the title _page_ is 
"Elements of Marxian Economic Theory and its Criticism_).  Perhaps 
this was a marketing decision by the publishers (who, also oddly and I 
suspect without Blake's agreement, under the author's name
on the title page wrote:  "Formerly Managing Director, London
Scottish Banking Corporation; Investment Director Grain Union,
S.A., (Antwerp); Associate Editor Magazine of Wall Street"  
("S.A." -- South Africa ???).    

At one time, not so many years ago, there were a lot of copies of this 
book floating around in used bookstores in New York, but I gather it is 
harder to find a copy now.  If you think it is hard to get copies of used 
books in the UK, think of how hard it must be to get copies of books
published in the US or UK in Latin America, Asia, Africa, etc.!  For future 
reference, you might want to try searching for out-of-print books at 
http://www.addall.com (but you might have to pay a premium price!).

-- A question for you and others on the list? 
  *  What _other_ out-of-print books have you been 
          searching for years for?

> Can you tell me anything about Blake and his rel with Coontz? or/and others

Rakesh has already answered that question and it is a topic he 
knows much more about than I.

In solidarity, Jerry


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