Re: (OPE-L) Blake's _Elements of Marxian Economic Theory and its Criticism_ now online

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Mon Oct 06 2003 - 02:07:59 EDT

>thanks for this I've been trying to get a copy for years. and have
>to do with old fotocopies.. in UK its more difficult. Can you tell
>me anything about Blake and his rel with Coontz? or/and others

Off the top of my head: Born William J Blech in the US, Blake worked
as a reporter on Wall Street and in finance. Claimed to have kept up
with the development of Marxian theory during his after work hours,
he wrote his textbook in 1939. He married the novelist Christina
Stead who drew on both Blake and Grossmann in her fiction. Became
good friends with Grossmann  , and visited him in Leipzig in 1949.
Stead and Blake moved to the UK after WWII. Seem to have endured
poverty. Coontz met Blake, and the latter wrote a intro to Coontz's
book on Productive Labor.  I am in possession of two unpublished mss
by Blake--a long book on the theory and history of imperialism and an
introduction to Marxian theory. Grossmann turned over some of his
writings to Blake (his Sternberg and Borkenau critiques, some book
reviews, an early essay on economic crisis--which Paul Zarembka has
published), but Blake seems not to have found a publisher


>paul Bullock

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