Re: (OPE-L) measuring exploitation

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Thu Oct 02 2003 - 08:51:02 EDT

I would rather answer La, since they will be the only workers in the
system to be exploited.

It is difficult to provide LIVING labour and be exploited when you are DEAD.

This, by the way, reminds me of a phrase attributed to Joan Robinson.

That in capitalism there is only one thing worse than be exploited:
NOT to be exploited.


At 13:35 +0100 2-10-2003, Philip Dunn wrote:
>Hi Jerry
>This is an easy one.  Since wages for Lb are 100% lower than those received by
>La, Lb get zero wages and are infinitely exploited.
>Yours pedantically
>Quoting gerald_a_levy <gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM>:
>>  A hypothetical question:
>>  a)  Suppose there are two firms in the same
>>  branch of production but these two firms are in different
>>  regions (or countries).
>>  b) Suppose that the workers in those 2 firms work the same
>>  working hours,  work to the same degree of labor intensity,
>>  have the same skills,  and that the total quantity of output
>>  produced in each firm is the same.  Assume that there is a
>>  uniform price for a unit of output.
>>  c)  In the first firm (A)  there are less workers (La) because
>>  output/worker/hr. is greater  but  La receive higher wages.
>>  In the second firm (B) there are more workers (Lb>La) and
>>  the output/worker/hr is lower but these workers (Lb) are
>>  paid lower wages than the other group (La).  Suppose further
>>  that output/worker/hr is 100% greater in A than in B and that
>>  wages for Lb are 100% lower than those received by La.
>  >
>  > * Which is the more exploited --   La or Lb?
>  >
>  > In solidarity, Jerry
>  >
>  >
>  >
>Philip Dunn

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