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Conference on "Piero Sraffa 1898-1983"
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Issues in Regulation Theory, can be download from the websites below.  If you are not familar with this poublication you might want to check it out.

Issues in Regulation theory n°44 contains a note on : 
The Coming Era of Electronic Money by Robert Guttmann (Hostra University, New York)

Previous Issues in Regulation Theory contain : 
Issues in Regulation theory n°43 
"The notion of productivity, from one growth regime to another" by Pascal PETIT

Issues in Regulation theory n°42
"Argentina, Chronicle of a Crisis Foretold" by Pierre SALAMA

Issues in Regulation theory n°41
"Reflections of the Nature of Money" by Michel AGLIETTA and André ORLEAN

This English-language newsletter contains a translation of the theoretical note published in French in La Lettre de la Régulation and information on research activities in the area of institutional regulation.

Any remarks or opinions you might have concerning Issues in Regulation Theory are quite welcome. In addition, 
we would be grateful for the names and e-mail addresses of individuals and institutions potentially interested in our new publication.

The Editorial Committee

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