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From: mongiovg (mongiovg@STJOHNS.EDU)
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 12:37:45 EDT

Hello, all. Here, at long last is the latest Review of Political Economy list
of books for review. Many of you are already familiar with the procedure. If
you'd like to review one or more of the books on the list, please respond to
me off-list. I'll want a few days to sort out competing requests, but I should
get back to you within a week. If I don't know you, could you say a few words
about your professional background and your qualifications for reviewing the
books you're requesting.

I'm trying to put in place a set of procedures for reducing the lag between
receipt of a book and the appearance of a review. In particular, I'll be
increasing the size of the review section until my backlog is considerably
reduced, and I'll ask reviewers to get their reviews to me within four months
of receipt of the book. I'll also be issuing these lists on a more frequent
basis. We try to give reviewers ample space to develop a serious point, and
that won't change: expect to have about 1000-1500 words for most reviews,
slightly more for joint reviews. Suggestions for review articles are welcome.

I look forward to hearing from many of you. Let me know (also off-list) if you
have trouble opening the attachment. Thanks in advance.


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