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Forwarded with Ingo's permission. The site under construction 
(www.das-kapital-lesen.de ) is well worth a peek. /In solidarity, Jerry

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Dear Jerry,
I'm still student at the free university in Berlin. The paper is based on my intermediate diploma. I revised it for a lecture for Frieder Otto Wolf's 60th birthday. I'll publish in a anthology that'll collect all lectures of this day. But I'll revise the paper for the publication once again.
The web-page (www.das-kapital-lesen.de) is under construction. Up to now it is used only for the internal communication of a colloquium with Frieder Otto Wolf on Marx and value-theory.

Ingo Stützle

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  Maybe the following is old news to the participants in the
  seminar this summer on "Marx's Theory of Money", but in case
  it isn't, they (and others) might be interested in reading --  for 
  those who can read German --  Ingo Stuetzle's "Geldtheorie bei 
  Karl Marx und die ''Geldvergessenheit'  der  politischen 
  29 pages. Note the above is pdf format.  It doesn't have a date that
  I could see on it, but many of the references are from recent works.
  I'm not familiar with this author.  Are others?
  In solidarity, Jerry

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