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Rethinking Marxism's 5th International Gala Conference

6-9 NOVEMBER 2003


The deadline for proposal submissions is 15 September 2003

The editors of RETHINKING MARXISM announce "Marxism and the World
Stage," the fifth in its series of international Gala celebrations of
the Marxian tradition. Marxism continues to inspire rich and diverse
analyses and politics across the globe. Within academia, Marxism
provokes new critical insights and excites passion in political
economy, philosophy, anthropology, geography, biology, literature,
languages, sociology, cultural studies, art, and many other
discourses. Beyond the academy, Marxism resonates among those the
world over who are resisting oppression in its myriad forms; it
provides a theoretical grounding for projects that seek social
liberation and justice, international solidarity, and ecological

Despite a century of effort by its opponents (and even by some
advocates), Marxism continues to resist containment -- be it
geographic, intellectual or political. Banished from one quarter,
banned from another, Marxism soon emerges and flourishes in many
more. And at a time of deepening international flows and exchanges --
of capital, commodities, weapons, persons, ideas and aspirations --
Marxism is proving its vitality and power as a unifying ground for
those seeking a just and sustainable world.

The prior four gala celebrations, each attended by over a thousand
people from across the globe, brought together a variety of Marxian
and other liberation communities to discuss, debate, and strategize
about diverse theoretical and political concerns:

*In 1989, "Marxism Now: Traditions and Difference" created a forum
where new, heterogeneous directions in Marxism and the Left could be
debated after the breakup of orthodoxy.

*In 1992, "Marxism in the New World Order: Crises and Possibilities"
confronted directly the challenges--theoretical, organizational, and
spiritual--which faced the Left and Marxism as the new millennium

*In 1996, "Politics and Languages of Contemporary Marxism" continued
the dialogue to open creative new spaces for political, cultural and
scholarly interventions in the face of global restructuring of social

*In 2000, "Marxism 2000: the party's not over" marked the new
millennium by reflecting on the many Marxisms that have shaped the
last 150 years while also articulating new visions and analyses to
move Marxism's future forward.

Like the previous four Galas, "Marxism and the World Stage" promises
to register the heterogeneous work, achievements, shortcomings and
failures of this tradition, and to promote lively interchange and
debate among these who draw on Marx in their contemporary
theoretical, practical and expressive practices. In keeping with the
spirit of RETHINKING MARXISM, the conference will feature the
exchange of academic and political analysis while providing a venue
for installation and performance art. The goal is to nurture the
critical yet utopian spirit of Marxism while stimulating the senses
and provoking the mind. The editors of RETHINKING MARXISM invite you
to join with us in this examination and celebration of this
extraordinary tradition.

The conference will be held over four days, beginning on Thursday 6
November 2003 and ending on Sunday 9 November 2003. In addition to
three plenary sessions and performance art, there will be concurrent
panels and art/cultural events.

Plenary sessions include:
Manufacturing Empire
Whither Global Capitalism?
Postcolonialism Post-9/11

Please visit the website for a complete list of participating artists
Concurrent with the conference, artists Susan Jahoda and Grady
Gerbracht will curate an exhibition of works that address and
visually articulate the general themes of the conference. A catalog
accompanying the exhibition will include documentation of the works,
information about the artists, and essays contextualizing the
projects. Each registrant will receive a complimentary copy of the
exhibition catalog with his or her registration materials.

The deadline for proposal submissions is 15 September 2003

Please visit the website for a printable registration form and
printable proposal guidelines

We invite the submission of pre-organized sessions that follow
traditional or non-traditional formats (such as workshops,
roundtables, and dialogue among and between presenters and audience).
We encourage those working in areas that intersect with Marxism, such
as feminism, political economy, cultural and literary studies, queer
theory, working class and labor studies, postcolonial studies,
geography and urban studies, social and natural sciences, philosophy,
and around the issues of class, race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality,
and disability, to submit paper and panel proposals. We welcome
video, poetry, performance, and all other modes of presentation.
Indeed, we encourage paper or panel submissions from those working on
any and all subjects of interest for a world without exploitation and

To preregister for the conference, or to submit a proposal, please
mail all fees and submissions to:

Professor Stephen Cullenberg
Marxism and the World Stage
Department of Economics
University of California
Riverside, CA 92521 USA

Proposals for papers should include:
*Paper title
*Presenter's name and contact information (mail, email, phone, fax)
*Brief (no more than 200 words) abstract

Proposals for panels should include:
*Panel title
*Name, contact information, and paper title for each presenter
*Brief (no more than 200 words) abstract explaining the panel's focus
*Names and contact information for any discussant(s) or respondent(s)
*Title, contact, and address for any sponsoring organization or journal

The appropriate registration fee must accompany all proposal
which are not accepted will have their preregistration fees returned
in full.

Pre-Registration Rates:

______Full Regular Rate $80 (at Conference $90)
______Full Low-Income Rate $30 (at Conference $35)
______Two-day Regular Rate $60 (at Conference $70)
______Two-day Low-Income Rate $20 (at Conference $25)
______One-day Regular Rate $40 (at Conference $50)
______One-day Low Income Rate $10 (at Conference $15)

The deadline for proposal submissions is 15 September 2003.

Please visit the website for more information about lodging,
childcare, driving directions, dining options, etc.

Selected papers, poems, and other forms of presentation from the
conference will be published in RETHINKING MARXISM and/or in a
separate edited volume of contributions.

A special introductory conference rate to Rethinking Marxism of US$34
is being offered to conference participants, new subscribers only. A
flyer and order form will be available at the conference.

Please visit the website for more information

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