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Subject: Gloves-off hosts California recall debate and more
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Date: Sun, September 7, 2003 11:57 am
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Dear Gerald Levy,

Gloves-off, our magazine devoted to political economy has an new editon
on- line.

We'd  like to call your  attention  to  the debate  among  progressive
candidates for CA recall that we will be hosting on 9/11. We are asking
our  readers and suporters to submit questions, so that we can open some
space for  the many left candidates that have been totally 'forgotten'
by mainstream  midia.
If you could circulate this among your friends and contacts at PEN-L, we
 would  really appreciate.


Claudio and Sara



GLOVES OFF is hosting our first ever online debate at
http://www.glovesoff.org/  californiarecall_debate/, and we hope you'll
get involved and email questions  to the candidates

We've invited third-party candidates (and a Democrat) pursuing
progressive  agendas in the California gubernatorial recall election to
debate Gloves Off  readers and each other online next Tuesday, Wednesday
and Thursday, September  9-11th.

Although a number of Left candidates are running—some with a long
history of  progressive militancy—the mainstream media portrays the
entire election as a  circus.  Progressive candidates are simultaneously
marginalized and treated as  a homogenous group—as if their views are
all the same, and are therefore  equally dismissible.  The consequence
for California voters, US citizens, and  others outside the US borders
is that the fundamental economic issues at the  heart of California's
crisis are not debated.

We think Left candidates need to debate each other and take seriously
the  process of fighting out a progressive agenda.  Otherwise, the
election goes  forward as if it is only a battle between the extreme
right wing and the  Democratic party machine, or between self-proclaimed
progressive alternative,  Arianna Huffington (the only candidate we
invited who turned us down), and the  mainstream.

GET INVOLVED--Send your questions asap to askthecandidates@glovesoff.org
 (include your real name and city or town), and forward this email
widely.  To  see the list of participating candidates, go to the debate
page http://  www.glovesoff.org/californiarecall_debate/  We begin at
6am Pacific time on  Tuesday and run 24/7 until 5pm Pacific time on
Thursday, but you can send your  questions and comments anytime before
then or during the debate.


We also have some new features on Gloves Off you should check out.


Our interview with University of California-Santa Cruz professor Barbara
 Epstein explores her views on the evolution of the antiwar movement, on
the  American component of the global justice movement, and on the role
of anarchism  in both.

We also offer the first in a series of conversations with parties,
groups and  tendencies on the Left.  We talk with  Australian political
economist Nick  Beams, of the World Socialist Web Site and the Socialist
Equality Party, about  US militarism, global political economy and the
anti-war movement.  Along with  this conversation we present a
transcription of "The Political Economy of  American Militarism," from a
talk he gave in early July in Sydney.

Interview: http://www.glovesoff.org/interviews/beams_iv_0803.html

Talk: http://www.glovesoff.org/features/beams_0703.html

As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions, and criticisms,

Sara Burke and Claudio Puty

Editors, Gloves Off: bare-fisted political economy


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