OPE request

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU)
Date: Wed Aug 27 2003 - 15:39:01 EDT

I am hoping that some members of OPE-L may be willing to comment on
recent conferences. At the URPE conference, Michael Perleman
delivered the David Gordon lecture; Fred Moseley and Gil Skillman
debated about value theory; and Cyrus Bina and George Caffentzis
discussed US foreign policy and oil rent too (I imagine).
Love to hear about how these went.
I think Fred's Mt Holyoke group discussed money this summer. I'd love
to hear about commodity money, fictitious capital, gold, central bank
policy, central bank holdings of govt paper (note the Restall piece
on China's holding of US govt paper), international monetary chaos. I
always learn a great deal from what Martha Campbell writes. Does
Martha or any other participant (not sure who was there) want to
share their reflections on what seems to have been a very important
conference indeed?
Share the wealth, share the knowledge!
Yours, Rakesh

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