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Subject: CHILE: The other 9/11
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CHILE:  The other 9/11

A timely reminder of another day of terror and tragedy

Pinochet's 1973 coup against Salvador Allende opened the darkest chapter
in Chilean history.

Ocean Press presents a new book of reflections on the coup, including
poignant writing from
Ariel Dorfman, Fidel Castro, Beatriz Allende and Joan Jara, poems by
Pablo Neruda, and the
words of Víctor Jara and Salvador Allende as they faced death.

Chile: The Other September 11
Reflections and Commentaries on the 1973 coup
Edited by Pilar Aguilera and Ricardo Fredes
1-876175-50-8, 81 pages, $7.95

also available in Spanish as:
Chile: El Otro 11 de septiembre
1-876175-72-9, 83 pages, $9.95


also available:
Salvador Allende Reader
Chile's Voice of Democracy
Edited by James D. Cockcroft and Jane C. Canning
This first-ever anthology presents Allende's vision of
a more democratic, peaceful and just world.
1-876175-24-9, 287 pages, $19.95

Covert Action
The Roots of Terrorism
Edited by Ellen Ray and William H. Schaap
A comprehensive examination of U.S. interventions
from Africa, Central America and Kosovo to Iraq and
Afghanistan, offering an essential background to the
"war on terrorism."
1-876175-84-2, 310 page, $19.95


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