Death By Slow Burn: How America Nukes Its Own Troops

From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (avalleb@PRODIGY.NET.MX)
Date: Mon Jul 14 2003 - 12:42:35 EDT

Death By Slow Burn: How America Nukes Its Own Troops
by Amy Worthington Idaho Observer:

On March 30, an AP photo featured an American pro-war
activist holding a sign: “Nuke the evil scum, it worked in
1945!” That's exactly what George Bush has done. America's
mega billion dollar war in Iraq is indeed a NUCLEAR WAR.

Bush-Cheney have delivered upon 17 million Iraqis tons of
depleted uranium (DU) weapons, a “liberation” gift that
will keep on giving. Depleted uranium is a component of
toxic nuclear waste, usually stored at secure sites.
Handlers need radiation protection gear.

Over a decade ago, war-makers decided to incorporate this
lethal waste into much of the Pentagon's weaponry. Navy
ships carrying Phalanx rapid fire guns are capable of firing
thousands of DU rounds per minute.1 Tomahawk missiles
launched from U.S. ships and subs are DU-tipped.2 The M1
Abrams tanks are armored with DU.3 These and British
Challenger II tanks are tightly packed with DU shells, which
continually irradiate troops in or near them.4 The A-10
“tank buster” aircraft fires DU shells at machines and
people on the battlefield.5

DU munitions are classified by a United Nations resolution
as illegal weapons of mass destruction. Their use breaches
all international laws, treaties and conventions forbidding
poisoned weapons calculated to cause unnecessary suffering.
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