Re: zero average profit

From: Ian Wright (ian_paul_wright@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 18:48:17 EDT

Hello Paul,

>I am not sure what the roles you are describing would be.
>The social situation is not directly analogous to particles
>in statistical mechanics since in classical theory the particles
>are assumed to be conserved. However, it is clearly not
>the case either with humans or abstract juridical persons.

I was thinking that the roles were conserved. By role I
am thinking simply of an available "slot" that an individual
may take in an economy that has a fixed number of
slots at any one time. There's a throughput of individuals
as they enter and leave the economic system, but the
slots are conserved. When an individual leaves the economy
a slot becomes available, which is taken by a new
participant. I think the edge cases of initial money
endowments on entry, and final money endowments on
exit, can be squared with this, but I'd need to think about it.


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