(OPE-L) Alberto Bonnet

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Date: Thu Jun 12 2003 - 03:27:15 EDT

ALBERTO BONNET -- from Buenos Aires, Argentina --  has
joined OPE-L.

Listmembers will recall that his chapter in the Werner Bonefeld and
Sergio Tischler ed. book _What is to be done?_ entitled "The
Command of Money-Capital and the Latin American Crises" was
posted, in 2 parts, on May Day.

A very lengthy cv is attached (in Spanish).  A shorter description

From: "Alberto Bonnet" <abonnet@unq.edu.ar>

> My principal activities are teaching and researching into economics
> and state theories, in the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the
> Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, in Argentina. I recently have done
> research on subjects relating money and capital-money in the
> capitalist
> globalization as well as the economic and politic role of the currency
> board in the transformation of the argentinian capitalism during the
> 90s. I´m a philosophy graduate, I´ve a master degree in Economic
> History and by this time I´m attending the studies required for a
> doctorate in social sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Puebla,
> México, with John Holloway. You´ll find more details in the attached
> cv

I'd be interested in hearing about the program at the Universidad
Autonoma de Puebla when you -- or John -- get a chance.

 Alberto: Welcome aboard!

 In solidarity, Jerry

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