(OPE-L) International Forum "Leftist Future" to be held on June 21-22, 2003 in Moscow]

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Date: Wed Jun 11 2003 - 03:32:45 EDT

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Hello all,

Institute of Globalisation Studies (http://www.iprog.ru), National
Council and People's Initiative Centre (http://www.narin.ru) have the
to invite you to take part in the International Forum "LEFTIST
FUTURE" to be
held on June 21-22, 2003 in Golitsino near Moscow. The conference is
supported by the Communist party of the Russian Federation
(http://www.kprf.ru), with participation of the youth
initiative ATTAK-Moscow (http://www.resist.ru).

The conference's main objective is to enable representatives of
communist, socialist and antiglobalisation organisations from all  over
world exchange their views on the leftist movement future in Russia  and
abroad with their Russian counterparts. The conclusions drawn during
discussions are expected to be forwarded to the leaders of Russian
patriotic forces in order to use them as a unifying platform during  the
election campaign of 2003-2004.

Conference sections are to work on the following directions:
-       Democratic institutions crisis in the West and in Russia;
-       New world hegemony and its consequences;
-       National capital in the globalisation era: an ally or an
-       Contemporary problems of the world economics. Globalization:
progress or regress?
-       Russian economics: oil or knowledge?
-       World communist and social-democratic movements' experience; -
    Leftist opposition in Russia;
-       International antiglobalisation movements and anti-war
-       Trade unions and leftist movement. Labor movement in XXI;
-       Religion and social progress.

Invited to take part in the conference are leftist leaders from the
Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, Brazil, Columbia,
South African Republic, as well as Russian opposition parties' and
organizations' leaders and mass media. Mr. Zuganov (leader of Russian
Communists), Glaziev (member of Russian Economy of Sciences, co-
chairman of
Patriotic Union), Melnikov (leader of VKT, independent labor union),
(leader of Islamic Committee) and others are expected to speak at the

Informational support is provided by the Internet-portal KPRF.ru
(http://www.kprf.ru), information agency <Comrade/Tovarisch>
(http://www.atvr.ru), Agency for Political News (http://www.apn.ru),
Communist.ru (http://www.communist.ru) and Aglob.ru websites

Participation is free, transportation to/from airport is provided at  no
charge. We ask you to give us a phone call in case you would like to
part in the Forum: +7 (095) 130-4996, 724-8846 or e-mail: kprf@k...

Best regards,
Organizational committee
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