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Date: Tue Jun 10 2003 - 09:12:18 EDT

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> Subject: Premier of "We Interrupt this Empire"
> Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 23:15:33 -0700
> RED VIC MOVIE HOUSE in San Francisco.
> (Video also available for ordering. Please visit the VAN website
> below.)
> What happens when a trigger-happy cowboy with a pocket full of loot
> aims his guns on an oil-rich, people-poor nation?
> The San Francisco Video Activists' Network presents the story you
> won't see on Fox News: an eye-popping, jaw-dropping look at the Bay
> Area's radical resistance to an illegal war. WE INTERRUPT THIS
> EMPIRE... screens Tuesday, June 10th at 7:15pm and 9:15pm and
> Wednesday, June 11th at 2pm, 7:15pm and 9:15pm at the Red Vic Movie
> House in San Francisco. Regular admission is $6.Guest speakers and
> the filmmakers will attend the screenings for a question and answer
> session after the show.
> Composed of various segments, the first half of WE INTERRUPT THIS
> EMPIRE... is a collaborative work from some of San Francisco's finest
> independent videographers. Jino Choi and Jessica Lawrence document
> the direct actions that shut down both the financial district of San
> Francisco on the morning of March 20th and the corporate profiteers
> of the Bay Area over the following weeks. The Whispered Media video
> collective allows the pro-war protesters to speak "in their own
> words". "The Logic of Empire" by David Martinez and Iain Boar
> considers the war as the first steps in a new imperialist project
> with Iraq as its first subject. "War American Style" by Natalija
> Vekic, Monica Nolan and Christian Bruno is a sly critique of the
> corporate media's role as Pentagon stenographer where mainstream news
> media clips are re-assembled and examined for gross inaccuracies,
> glaring omissions and corporate biases. "The War Profiteers" by Miles
> Montalbano shines a light on the Military Industrial Complex and
> looks at corporations with close ties to the Bush administration and
> their ability to influence policy and profit from war. The second
> half of the program will be selects from "Shutdown Downtown Fogtown",
> a daring collection of on-the-scene videos from the historic anti-war
> protests that shutdown San Francisco.
> The Red Vic Movie House is located at 1727 Haight Street in San
> Francisco. For more information, the public can call 415 789 8484 or
> visit http://www.videoactivism.org.
> Proceeds from WE INTERRUPT THIS EMPIRE... go to the Video Activists'
> Network and Whispered Media. The VAN is an informal association of
> activists and politically conscious artists using video to support
> social, economic and environmental justice campaigns. Whispered Media
> is a collective that offers video witnessing, support and training,
> collects archival political footage, and produces video works about
> specific grassroots campaigns and organizations.
> http://www.redvicmoviehouse.com
> http://www.videoactivism.org
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> "To the socialist it is not the horrors of war that are the hardest to
endure ... but the horrors of the treachery shown by the leaders of
present-day socialism" - Lenin
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