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From: Alejandro Valle Baeza (avalleb@PRODIGY.NET.MX)
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 15:51:27 EST

Jerry, I forgot to say something in a previous message: I have David Debrott in Spanish because I offered to him to translate it to English. As soon as I finish this task David will ask for acceptance to ope-l. Alberto Bonnet wrote that he will ask for ope-l admission soon. I will recall him for such solicitude. I have not write to Orlando Caputo yet. I expect to do that in a few days. 

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  Subject: (OPE-) article on Michael P

  A short, positive article on listmember Michael Perelman:

  He mentions in the article that he has notes for at least *fifty* 
  (50) more books!  What are some of the subjects of the 50 or 
  more 'to-be-completed' books?

  btw, for those who want to see what he looks like, there's
  a photo in the article.

  In solidarity, Jerry

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