Re: (OPE-L) is value labour?

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@WAITROSE.COM)
Date: Mon Jun 02 2003 - 10:46:45 EDT

Sorry to be so late picking this up.
 " To say that labour (of a particular form)  creates value is quite
different from saying that value  _is_ labour. ...  [As far as Marx's take
on this is concerned , note that Chris A took the late Ernest Mandel to
task for   claiming that  "For Marx *labour is value*".   Chris argues that
this is "directly refuted by Marx's own text"  (Volume 1 of  _Capital_)
where M wrote that "labour is not itself  value."   Chris goes on  to claim
that Mandel "overlooked the  importance of the value  *form*" ("Value
Labour and  Negativity" in _Capital & Class_,  73, Spring 2001, p. 31).   
What is unclear to me, though, is  when Marx *first*  expressed this
proposition that labour is not   value.  E.g. what did he write about  this
in the drafts of _Capital_?]  , " Jerry

He writes in the Grundrisse not merely that labour is NOT vaue (i.e.
something different; but that "Labour IS not-value" i.e. interpenetrating
OPPOSITE. See pp. 295-96

Claus is right that L is V may be different from V is L. But again in the
Grundrisse Marx says that in value labour produces 'the being of its
not-being', which is tantamount to Value IS not-labour. See p. 454,
repeated in 1863 - see MECW 34 p. 202. I have used these quotes to some
extent in my book and more fully in a paper called Capital and Labour
published in Greece. I will send you (and anyone else who requests it) an
English version separately.

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