(OPE-L) The Cuban Five (was: 'dreams and nightmares')

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Wed May 21 2003 - 12:59:00 EDT

Riccardo, Nicky, Chris, Simon, and everyone else:

I hear everyone on the list (with the possible exception of Michael E)
saying that we should oppose U.S. aggression towards Cuba, which
includes the economic blockade, and support the right of Cuba to
self-determination.  *IF* that is indeed the case, shouldn't we all
be able to support the immediate and unconditional freeing of the
Cuban 5?  If the National Lawyers Guild was able to agree to that
(see http://www.nlg.org/cuba/miami5res.htm), why can't we?

In solidarity, Jerry

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