Re: (OPE-L) Re: dreams and nightmares

From: Nicola Taylor (19518173@STUDENT.MURDOCH.EDU.AU)
Date: Tue May 20 2003 - 19:52:37 EDT

Thank you Rakesh for the voice of reason!

> [Jerry] So I don't think that the possibility of a US overt or heightened
> covert war against Cuba should be taken lightly.

Of course not, and nobody is taking it lightly.  But surely the point made
by Rakesh is correct, and should be given much more emphasis in such
discussions (in place of vague speculation - and hysteria - about US

> [Rakesh] I and many others did not think the US would have great trouble
> ousting the fascist Saddam who truly seemed to have the narrowest
> base of support;  this administration no matter how deluded by its
> own piled-on propaganda must know their forces would confront grave
> difficulties in Cuba.

Right, it is a key point.  If the Cuban government can indeed rely on
widespread popular support, and if the opposition is small and unpopular,
why the "necessity" to resort to violent suppression of all internal
dissent?  There seems to me a fundamental contradiction in the calls for
internal repression by comrades who in the same breath remind us that the
Cuban people are, in general, grateful to Castro for all that he has done
for them.  If Cubans are so grateful that they would defend their
government, and if Castro believed this, then he would have little to fear
from setting in motion a process of democratic reforms. Indeed, there is a
very good chance that Cuba could win widespread internal and international
support for immediate democratic reforms.  Such support, especially from
Canada and the European Union, would increase (not decrease) the obstacles
to US invasion.  Castro's justification for the current crackdown is sadly
lacking in any such perception.  Reading it, I felt I was being lectured by
a man caught in a time warp of socialist 'rhetoric' who has entirely lost
touch not only with the people of Cuba but also with reality.  More than
that, I felt he had fallen straight into the trap of American provocations
and responded, in fact, exactly as the US hoped (and intended) he would.

To reach such a conclusion does not imply pacifism, and it does not imply
unwillingness to defend the Cuban people against US agression.  Rather, it
is a conclusion that is reached (as all of us putting this view have been at
pains to point out) on political and moral grounds.


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