(OPE-L) Robert Pollin's "Contours of Descent"

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Date: Mon May 19 2003 - 16:33:20 EDT

Verso is pleased to announce a new book by Robert Pollin


The highly unstable economic conditions that Clinton handed to Bush - wage
stagnation, rising inequality, and wildly inflated stock markets - were
hardly noticed amid the near-universal praise for the economic stewardship
of Clinton and his supposed policy maestro, Federal Reserve Chair Alan
Greenspan. Contours of Descent shows how these variants of neoliberal
economics - which lavish favours on multinationals and capitalists while
allowing living standards for ordinary people to fall - operate in the US
and less developed countries, and explores policies for economic growth with
increased equality.

Please consider Contours of Descent (ISBN: 1-85984-673-4) for course
adoption. To sample it, fax us at 212-807-9152. To place an order, contact
our distributor, WW Norton, at 800-233-4830. For any other inquiries, feel
free to email or call us at 212-807-9680.

Praise for Contours of Descent

"Beginning with what he aptly terms the "hollow boom" of the 1990s, Robert
Pollin's Contours Of Descent propels the reader through a comprehensive,
coherent and wonderfully readable account of the economic policies that have
brought us to the present "landscape of global austerity" His critiques of
Clinton and Bush policies are underpinned with uniquely clear statements of
alternative ideas and ways of solving economic problems and he describes how
they could be used to rebuild a framework for growth and equality in the
U.S. and global economies. This is a superb work of political economy - rich
in examples and in-depth analysis - and a real pleasure to read."

-- Jane D'Arista, Director of Programs, Financial Markets Center

"Professor Pollin is one of the leading heterodox economists in the US. His
rigorous and insightful analysis convincingly demonstrates that Clinton and
Bush as well as the IMF have each followed fundamentally similar neoliberal
economic policies to the detriment of people in the US and the developing
world. Importantly, the book also outlines an alternative policy program for
building a prosperous US and world economy. It is a 'must read' for those
who wish to understand recent developments in the US and the world economy."

-- Professor Ajit Singh, Cambridge University

"Contours of Descent does a great job in making current U.S. and global
economic issues accessible to the average reader. Pollin presents a clear
discussion of what he terms "the Marx Problem," "the Keynes Problem," and
"the Polanyi Problem," as they apply both in the U.S. under Clinton and
Bush, and in the developing countries. Most importantly, the book ends by
demonstrating that "another path is possible"-- sketching a workable
egalitarian policy agenda in both the U.S. and developing country context,
focused on full employment, defending workers rights, and regulating
financial markets."

-- Professor Lourdes Beneria, Cornell University and President of
International Association of Feminist Economists (IAFFE)

"Bob Pollin's readable and sharply argued book is an excellent guide to the
reality of recent US economic policy and its global implications."

-- Andrew Glyn, Oxford University

"This insightful book dissects the consequences of the neoliberal revolution
of the 1990s, and offers valuable lessons for the neophyte and professional
economist alike."

-- Professor. Dani Rodrik, Harvard University

"Contours of Descent is lucid economics as if reality matters. Cutting
through the myths, hype and diversionary corporate-side indicators,
Professor Pollin lays out an agenda to turn around the economy that is
increasingly disconnecting from millions of workers and their well-being. A
laser-beam exposure of globalization as defined by the World Bank, the IMF,
Alan Greenspan and the corporate supremacists."

-- Ralph Nader

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