Democracy & Cuba

From: Asfilho@AOL.COM
Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 13:03:12 EDT


Let me say very clearly that my previous message was not a comment on, or
response to any message posted on this list. This is exactly what I said in
that message, twice. If I wanted to comment on another message, I would have
said so.

My previous message makes a general point about revolution and violence - it
has nothing to do with Cuba specifically. I think it is sadly unavoidable
because it it imposed upon us. And if anyone rejected the possibility of
violence as a point of principle, then this person would be in a difficult
position when the left is attacked violently (but I was *not* saying that
anyone on this list had said anything to that effect; I simply do not know
people's views on this issue). I also said that state terrorism (even if
coming from a supposedly left-wing government) must be avoided and it is
right to resist against it.

Let me add that I have the greatest respect - personal, intellectual and
political - for every member of this list. Disagreements are part of the
reason why we are here, exchanging ideas and learning from each other.


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