Re: (OPE-L) Re: open discussions and closed archives

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 09:19:04 EDT

Jerry and comrades,

from now on I styop then to intervene, waiiting for the decisions of
the Committee. I already stated about my opinion. Either the debate
goes on on the open OPE-L list, with full freedom of speech and
mutual respect. Or it goes on in a parallel closed list,  with full
freedom of speech and mutual respect.


At 9:12 -0400 17-05-2003, gerald_a_levy wrote:
>In my last message, I cc'd the Advisory Committee.  Since this
>didn't show in the post, here are their addresses:
>Alfredo Saad-Filho <>;
>Allin Cottrell <>
>Fred B. Moseley <>
>You can contact me thru this address and.or
>In solidarity, Jerry
>>  We -- the Advisory Committee and I -- will discuss the
>>  matter.  If  you, or anyone else on the list, want to make your
>>  thoughts known on this subject,  you can send your comments
>  > off-list to all 4 of us.  Should you wish to comment on-list then
>  > that is possible as well.

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Al signor K chiesero cosa stesse facendo.
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What are you working on, Herr K was asked.
Herr K replied: "I am working hard,
I am carefully preparing my next error"

Bertolt Brecht

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