Re: (OPE-L) dreams and nightmares

From: Riccardo Bellofiore (riccardo.bellofiore@UNIBG.IT)
Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 08:33:24 EDT

I think Chris is right on openness. May I ask Jerry if it is possible
to open for these kind of discussions a parallel closed site?


At 13:02 +0100 17-05-2003, Christopher Arthur wrote:
>And I say I agree with Riccardo. (And also Fred)
>But this illustrates also why I was, and remain, opposed  to a public
>archive. I would like to hear a discussion and particpate but I do not want
>to word things as carefully as I would in a letter to the press.
>Chris A
>>At 11:22 -0600 16-05-2003, Hans Ehrbar wrote:
>>>In the times of imperialist attack on Cuba I consider it the
>>>duty of every progressive either to support Cuba or, if you
>>>feel you cannot do this, to stay silent, because everything
>>>critical you say at this moment will be used as further
>>>pretext for the attacks on Cuba.  The actions by the Cubans
>>>which you object to were undertaken as a defense against US
>>>attacks.  We have to try to stop the imperialists, instead
>>>of second-guessing the actions Cuba is undertaking to defend
>>>itself.  This seems so obvious to me that I am embarrassed
>>>to send it to this list.  I am only saying it for the record
>>>so that people perusing the archives will not get a false
>>hans, four (no, five) things:
>>(i) we decided to 'open' the list, so we decided to make debates
>>openly. if we don't want that, we should close the list. or Jerry
>>should open some parallel, closed site to discuss openly among
>>comrades this kind of stuff.
>>(ii) 'to stay silent'? I don't know why, but I have heard this kind
>>of things many many times. I don't like the expression: neither the
>>form nor the substance.
>>(iii) I strongly support Cuba against US attacks. I repeat: strongly.
>>And I condemn any 'pretext' to attack Cuba. But I do not justify the
>>actions undertaken by Cuba, as you do. By the way, they are giving
>>USA more 'pretexts'. There is a dissent among us on this. You cannot
>>take your opinion as granted. I respect it, but mine is very
>>(iv) in my mind (and unfortunately I can think only with my mind, and
>>speak accordingly) what I said in prior mail is exactly the most
>>friendly approach to Cuba, it' s the only way I see to support Cuba:
>>avoid (or insist in) serious and dramatic errors. there is no
>>second-guessing. those actions are patently wrong, are against what
>>communism (at least, libertarian communism) is and should be, as end
>>and as means.
>>(v) should I say that those who do not understand this are really
>>working against Cuba, and should then stay silent? it's not my
>>attitude, frankly. I am interested in listening their opinions and
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