Re: (OPE-L) dreams and nightmares

From: Michael Eldred (artefact@T-ONLINE.DE)
Date: Sat May 17 2003 - 04:53:00 EDT

Cologne 17-May-2003

I don't know who's living in "imperialist countries". I asked Rakesh
what he meant by empire and imperialism a while ago.

My comment in my last post,
"As they say these days, "Get real!", just like Aristotle got real with
Plato two and a half thousand years ago."
was directed at the phrase "dreams for a better world" used by Michael

I said, "The West has only just been getting over Christian Platonism
during the last two

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dashyaf@EASYNET.CO.UK schrieb  Fri, 16 May 2003 18:48:49 +0100:

> It is even more imperative that we defend Cuba when we live in
> imperialist countries benefiting from the brutal exploitation of the
> vast majority of humanity. The people who need to get real are those
> who have not understood what is at stake for humanity at the present
> time. Should the remarkable health care system, the education system
> and the overall social gains of the Cuban revolution be put at stake
> because 'liberals' in the imperialist countries cannot grasp that the
> livelihood of 11 million Cuban people is threatened by the most brutal
> and powerful imperialist power the world has seen. Do you want the
> kind of developments that hit the Nicaraguans, the Haitians, the
> Colombians to happen in Cuba?  Do you want another Iraq, Yugoslavia
> etc?   Imperialism in crisis is brutal and barbaric - it has to be
> fought and destroyed  and the Cubans had every right to take the
> measures they did to defend their revolution, to defend socialism, to
> defend the Cuban people. What the Cubans have achieved despite the US
> blockade shows what is possible for the vast majority of humanity,
> without neo-liberalism, without capitalism. That is why imperialism
> has to destroy Cuba, before the example of Cuba is taken up elsewhere.
> Anyone who compares the Moscow show trials to what has recently
> happened in Cuba is simply spreading imperialist propaganda. Read
> Castro's and Roque's very detailed explanation of the events before
> you dismiss what happened in such a cavalier fashion.
> Thank you Hans for bringing the discussion down to reality.
> David Yaffe
> At 11:22 16/05/03 -0600, Hans Ehrbar wrote:
>> In the times of imperialist attack on Cuba I consider it the
>> duty of every progressive either to support Cuba or, if you
>> feel you cannot do this, to stay silent, because everything
>> critical you say at this moment will be used as further
>> pretext for the attacks on Cuba.  The actions by the Cubans
>> which you object to were undertaken as a defense against US
>> attacks.  We have to try to stop the imperialists, instead
>> of second-guessing the actions Cuba is undertaking to defend
>> itself.  This seems so obvious to me that I am embarrassed
>> to send it to this list.  I am only saying it for the record
>> so that people perusing the archives will not get a false
>> impression.
>> Hans.

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