Re: (OPE-L) dreams and nightmares

From: Asfilho@AOL.COM
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 16:05:04 EDT

I agree with Hans, and disagree with Riccardo.

We do not live in an ideal world. I do not know the details of recent events
in Cuba. I honestly suspect no-one on this list does. Are we sure we even
know what we are talking about?

I wish the death penalty was not necessary, and I am not even sure that, on
this occasion, it was tactically advantageous to the regime. But I don't
think we can, or should, pass judgement as if this were a point of principle.
It should not be. There is a war out there, and Cuba might realistically be
invaded in the not too distant future. I will support whatever the Cuban
government decides to do in order to defend itself. They have been on this
struggle since long before I was born, and I am not going to deny them
support now.

Let's get real. To demand a perfect democracy at every point in time is to
rule out the possibility of revolution - to hope for a socialist transition
but only through the ballot box. This would be nice. But it's just not going
to happen. Think of Allende.


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