Re: (OPE-L) dreams and nightmares

From: dashyaf@EASYNET.CO.UK
Date: Fri May 16 2003 - 13:48:49 EDT

It is even more imperative that we defend Cuba when we live in imperialist
countries benefiting from the brutal exploitation of the vast majority of
humanity. The people who need to get real are those who have not understood
what is at stake for humanity at the present time. Should the remarkable
health care system, the education system and the overall social gains of
the Cuban revolution be put at stake because 'liberals' in the imperialist
countries cannot grasp that the livelihood of 11 million Cuban people is
threatened by the most brutal and powerful imperialist power the world has
seen. Do you want the kind of developments that hit the Nicaraguans, the
Haitians, the Colombians to happen in Cuba?  Do you want another Iraq,
Yugoslavia etc?   Imperialism in crisis is brutal and barbaric - it has to
be fought and destroyed  and the Cubans had every right to take the
measures they did to defend their revolution, to defend socialism, to
defend the Cuban people. What the Cubans have achieved despite the US
blockade shows what is possible for the vast majority of humanity, without
neo-liberalism, without capitalism. That is why imperialism has to destroy
Cuba, before the example of Cuba is taken up elsewhere.

Anyone who compares the Moscow show trials to what has recently happened in
Cuba is simply spreading imperialist propaganda. Read Castro's and Roque's
very detailed explanation of the events before you dismiss what happened in
such a cavalier fashion.

Thank you Hans for bringing the discussion down to reality.

David Yaffe

At 11:22 16/05/03 -0600, Hans Ehrbar wrote:
>In the times of imperialist attack on Cuba I consider it the
>duty of every progressive either to support Cuba or, if you
>feel you cannot do this, to stay silent, because everything
>critical you say at this moment will be used as further
>pretext for the attacks on Cuba.  The actions by the Cubans
>which you object to were undertaken as a defense against US
>attacks.  We have to try to stop the imperialists, instead
>of second-guessing the actions Cuba is undertaking to defend
>itself.  This seems so obvious to me that I am embarrassed
>to send it to this list.  I am only saying it for the record
>so that people perusing the archives will not get a false

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