(OPE-L) 2nd Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference

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Subject: 2nd SHE Conference in OZ

      The Second Australian Society of Heterodox Economists Conference
                       University of New South Wales
                          15 and 16 December 2003

We would like to encourage the participation of a broad spectrum of
heterodox economists. Papers from all areas and on all topics outside
the mainstream are encouraged.

We are hoping that this year's conference will build on the success of
the 2002 Inaugural Conference, which covered a wide range of areas,
with economists from around the globe in an extremely friendly and
encouraging environment.

The Conference will take place over two days, with both parallel and
plenary sessions.

Please send copies of a 500 word abstract for your proposed paper (one
per person) to the address given below.

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 1st October 2003.

More details concerning registration, accommodation, and conference
e-mail list are available from the SHE website:


Dr. Peter Kriesler
School of Economics
The University of New South Wales
Sydney, New South Wales 2052

e-mail address:  p.kriesler@unsw.edu.au


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