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Date: Wed May 14 2003 - 03:59:38 EDT

Ian Wright has joined our list.

List members will probably recall his paper "Simulating the Law of
Value" (see url below) which was discussed on the list  following a
message from him on February 28 [OPE-L:8524].

His introduction follows:

I live in California, although I was born in Scotland, and am therefore
a UKcitizen. I have a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, but since then I
have worked in industry.

My writings are in 3 areas: (a) cognitive science/philosophy of mind,
(b) computational economic modelling, and (c) computer science.

My research interests are currently focussed on developing a
(dynamic) computational  approach to foundational problems in political

I have only written a single paper on this so far:


I am also interested in "forms of value" in other kinds of adaptive
systems, such as reinforcement learning mechanisms in natural and
artificial minds. Some of my writings provide arguments to the effect
that certain kinds of minds require a quantitive representation of
processing power in order to adaptively allocate finite computational
resources, a kind of mental currency. This has close connections to
Freud's  idea of libidinal energy, but without the vitalism normally
associated with that  idea.

A common thread in my research is the interest in the concept of
"value" in adaptive systems, and the application of computational
modelling approaches.

I have read the OPE-L archives every day for over a year now, and am
impressed with the level of debate, and its general good-naturedness. I
have learnt a lot from reading all your posts, and I hope I can make a


Ian's  email address is:  <ian_paul_wright@hotmail.com>

Ian: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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