(OPE-L) Gloves Off--May 12, 2003

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Friends and critics,

This week we look at the topsy turvy world of neoliberalism in "The Upside Down World of Neoliberal Economics" by economist and social critic Jamie Morgan. Jamie talks about the private language of neoliberalism and its influence in social justice movements like ATTAC and offers some thoughts on the complexity of capitalist ideology in an interview with Gloves Off.

Also, our blog points to George Monbiot's scathing assessment of the World Bank (via Sanjay Reddy and Thomas Pogge's critique of the Bank's poverty estimate methods), offers downloads of the World Development Movement's "States Of Unrest III" (documenting worldwide resistence to IMF and World Bank policies in the last year) and generally wonders at the ongoing "upside-downedness" of the IMF. This and more at http://www.glovesoff.org

Please send comments, criticisms, requests for submission info, weblog links, and letters to the editor to: editor@glovesoff.org

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