(OPE-L) 'Capitalism' -- a Board Game

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 08:56:43 EDT

A methodological digression:  

Can we not all agree that there are many puzzling characteristics 
of the subject matter of capitalism?

Let's take this metaphor of a puzzle a step further and develop 
rules for a new board game called:

 "Capitalism --  The Puzzle."   

Here's the way I conceive of the game:

The 'game' begins with each player being given an unspecified 
number of puzzle pieces.  The puzzle pieces are parts of 
capitalism -- the real and the concrete. The game begins by
attempting to comprehend how all of the pieces fit together and
in what order.  Thus, it is not a deductive game where after we
put in one piece we go on to consider logically what the next
piece to be fitted will be.  Instead, we must have a grasp from 
the outset before we select the first piece (or write about the
puzzle) how all of the pieces are at least basically and
essentially related to each other.  A crucial step in the game
begins when each player selects a first piece -- because if 
one selects the wrong first piece (e.g. 'population')  then one 
can't be able to go on to complete the game.  This is a very 
difficult game, though, for various reasons -- not the least of 
which is that there are  six different levels of the game and each 
of those levels is further sub-divided.  The game is concluded 
and a player wins when all  of the puzzle pieces are pieced together.  

*  Has anyone yet completed this game? 

*  How should the game rules be further specified?

*  Is there anything essentially wrong or misleading with 
      the explanation of the game above?

 * How is this game related to the board game developed 
     by Bertell Ollman called "Class Struggle "?   

In solidarity, Jerry

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