(OPE-L) ontological commitment(s) to incorporating hoarding and money within a theory of capitalism

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Sat May 03 2003 - 08:42:44 EDT

Cyrus wrote Friday, May 02:

> As I remember, one of the distinct characteristics of Marx's theory of
> money is its concept (and, for that matter, ontology) of 'hoarding' in
> the capitalist circulation.  Thus, Marx's theory of money relies neither
> on the classical 'quantity theory of money' nor on the 'Say's Law.'

Interesting point.

I would think that a value-form perspective (at least if developed along
the lines of a systematic dialectical reconstruction in thought of the
subject matter of bourgeois society)  would  have a commitment to the
"ontology"  of hoarding since hoarding  is a condition of existence of
(part of) money and is a necessary specification and concretization of
the money-form and the process of capitalist circulation.  Perhaps also
an ontological commitment to incorporating hoarding within the concept
of money is also a  philosophical commitment to systematically allowing
for both the formal possibility of and actual mechanisms for disequilibria
within the context of the subject matter.  (All of the above could be said,
btw, without any reference to Marx).

(btw, it was good to finally meet you last month in NYC.  Maybe next
time we can meet at a demonstration.)

In solidarity, Jerry

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