(OPE-L) Re: Patriot Act Raid at Indian restaurant

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Tue Apr 29 2003 - 20:21:47 EDT

Hi Gary:

A brief "Google" search under Jason Halperin revealed the following:

1) the story in question has been published on other sites.
2) Jason Halperin is a real person and he is indeed associated with Doctors
    Without Borders.  See:
3) You can do as I did which was to call his phone number 212-847-3143
    and leave a message.  I didn't deem it an emergency and so didn't call
    his cell phone number (which you can find out when you call the
    above number).

Given the above, I think that the story does ring true.  And his reason for
not mentioning the name of the restaurant also rings true to me.

In solidarity, Jerry

> Is there any independent confirmation for this story?  I have no doubt
> some terrible things are happening throughout the US, but I am suscpicious
> the fact that the author of the piece scrupulously omitted the name of the
> restaurant. I have heard nothing of this in the media, and I think it
> that a gang of NYC cops could have stormed a midtown restaurant and aimed
> weapons at pre-theater diners without attracting some media attention. The
> business about the cops forcing restaurant employees to crawl around on
> hands & knees under gunpoint doesn't ring true; nor does the bit about
> mysterious agents in suits typing on laptops while this lockdown was
> place.  Seems mighty fishy to me.
> If the story turns out to be a fabrication, the repetition of it by
> well-meaning lefties will have damaged the credibility of all those who
> challenge the mainstream party line. Until I see some credible back-up for
> this one, I'm treating it as a hoax. Can anyone supply further details?

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