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For Rakesh: If I remember well enough Marx made a comment during this later
time that he had 'finished with all that ***  ' when refering to the studies
of Capital,  meaning that he had solved the basic problems.

His studies of the Turkish material on Rent, his learning of Turkish eg,
doesn't indicate  a search for an easier task to me! Remember the 'cubic
metres' of material on the topic found by Engels after Marx's death...marx
wanted to trace back the
historical origin of rent  as a 'turkish' form.

When Jurriian says  'although I believe Marx was a little Eurocentric
in his view of Russian society, he could not see any positive features of
peasant society',  there seems a one sided judgement given Marx's overall
on rent in later life, although he never worked that detail up for
publication.  On the other hand
the peasant does get neglected  rather, and here Jurriian seems feel the
same as Mitrany. (Chasing off on long boat /train journeys to Oran in those
days doesn't seem  too easy a task either!)


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> but Marx's health was poor during those last year's.  I suspect that the
> anthropology was a less draining activity.
> On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 05:12:35PM -0700, rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU wrote:
> > Just to clarify: I think Mark Jones meant to infer Marx's
> > disillusionment with the prospects of revolution in the advanced
> > outposts of capitalism from his having  spent so many of his later
> > years on what became The Ethnological Notebooks, ed. Lawrence
> > Krader.
> > I do know that one of Krader's students Cyril Levitt wrote a
> > dissertation on those Notebooks and Marx's formulations as they
> > relate to the nature of medieval Indian society are discussed by
> > Ram Sharan Sharma. Of course the ethnology on which Marx
> > commented has been discussed in forbidding detail by
> > anthropologists.
> > But why did Marx spend time on these questions rather than
> > prepare Capital and TSV for publication?
> > Yours, Rakesh
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