Re: (OPE-L) The last years of Karl Marx

From: Michael Perelman (michael@ECST.CSUCHICO.EDU)
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 20:26:04 EDT

but Marx's health was poor during those last year's.  I suspect that the
anthropology was a less draining activity.

On Sun, Apr 27, 2003 at 05:12:35PM -0700, rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU wrote:
> Just to clarify: I think Mark Jones meant to infer Marx's
> disillusionment with the prospects of revolution in the advanced
> outposts of capitalism from his having  spent so many of his later
> years on what became The Ethnological Notebooks, ed. Lawrence
> Krader.
> I do know that one of Krader's students Cyril Levitt wrote a
> dissertation on those Notebooks and Marx's formulations as they
> relate to the nature of medieval Indian society are discussed by
> Ram Sharan Sharma. Of course the ethnology on which Marx
> commented has been discussed in forbidding detail by
> anthropologists.
> But why did Marx spend time on these questions rather than
> prepare Capital and TSV for publication?
> Yours, Rakesh

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