(OPE-L) The last years of Karl Marx

From: rakeshb@STANFORD.EDU
Date: Sun Apr 27 2003 - 20:12:35 EDT

Just to clarify: I think Mark Jones meant to infer Marx's
disillusionment with the prospects of revolution in the advanced
outposts of capitalism from his having  spent so many of his later
years on what became The Ethnological Notebooks, ed. Lawrence
I do know that one of Krader's students Cyril Levitt wrote a
dissertation on those Notebooks and Marx's formulations as they
relate to the nature of medieval Indian society are discussed by
Ram Sharan Sharma. Of course the ethnology on which Marx
commented has been discussed in forbidding detail by
But why did Marx spend time on these questions rather than
prepare Capital and TSV for publication?
Yours, Rakesh

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