Re: (OPE-L) Re: Consequences of the War against Iraq

From: Paul Bullock (paulbullock@EBMS-LTD.CO.UK)
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 17:41:06 EDT

Hi Jerry,

Yes thanks, clearly interimperialist rivalries are central ...If you check
the latest 'Fight racism! Fight Imperialism!' on the wesite, you'll see
there is a box on the new american century + an article US: Closer to
Fascism, that deals with the 2001Patriot Act  and the additional  2003
Domestic SecurityEnhancement Act ,


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> Paul B wrote:
> > what BushBlair 'think/decide' will be a function of their role, as
> > leaders of imperialist states, what they 'believe' is pretty much
> > secondary.
> There typically are, though, divisions within the ruling
> class which often appear as policy differences within
> capitalist states, including imperialist states. In the UK
> government, for instance, there is considerable opposition
> to Blair and his pro-war, pro-US policy.  In the US
> government, both bourgeois parties basically supported the
> war against Iraq -- indeed, the sanctions against Iraq
> which resulted in the death of huge numbers of children
> (by one estimate a half-million) were a basic part of
> former President Clinton's Middle East policy.  But, there
> are differences which we must note.  Are you familiar with
> the "Project for a New American Century"
> (http:/  -- I believe)? This is a
> right-wing think tank that is very influential in writing
> Bush foreign policy.  It is composed of many leading members
> of the Bush administration and some of their stuff is pretty
> scary. I think we have to seriously consider the prospect of
> an incipient fascist movement, led by Bush and Cheney and Co.
> Along the same lines -- have you read about the proposed
> "Patriot Act"?  It is unclear whether these initiatives
> will be supported by the entire ruling class or whether
> there will be increased divisions on state and economic
> policy.
> In solidarity, Jerry

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