(OPE-L) Re: Consequences of the War against Iraq

From: glevy@PRATT.EDU
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 17:27:53 EDT

Paul B wrote:

> what BushBlair 'think/decide' will be a function of their role, as
> leaders of imperialist states, what they 'believe' is pretty much
> secondary.

There typically are, though, divisions within the ruling
class which often appear as policy differences within
capitalist states, including imperialist states. In the UK
government, for instance, there is considerable opposition
to Blair and his pro-war, pro-US policy.  In the US
government, both bourgeois parties basically supported the
war against Iraq -- indeed, the sanctions against Iraq
which resulted in the death of huge numbers of children
(by one estimate a half-million) were a basic part of
former President Clinton's Middle East policy.  But, there
are differences which we must note.  Are you familiar with
the "Project for a New American Century"
(http:/www.newamericancentury.org  -- I believe)? This is a
right-wing think tank that is very influential in writing
Bush foreign policy.  It is composed of many leading members
of the Bush administration and some of their stuff is pretty
scary. I think we have to seriously consider the prospect of
an incipient fascist movement, led by Bush and Cheney and Co.
Along the same lines -- have you read about the proposed
"Patriot Act"?  It is unclear whether these initiatives
will be supported by the entire ruling class or whether
there will be increased divisions on state and economic

In solidarity, Jerry

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