(OPE-L) Giovanni Arrighi and Mark Jones retrospectives

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@MSN.COM)
Date: Thu Apr 17 2003 - 19:49:12 EDT

Rakesh and others:  you may find the following retrospective
by Arrighi to be of interest:

Your mentioning of Arrighi's recent _New Left Review_ article
reminded me, in a strange way, that the death of Mark Jones
has not been noted on this list.  Mark,  who long-time members
might recall from the long-defunct marxism list and the
marxism-international list, died on April 9 after a long illness
with cancer.  He was a young man -- in his 50s.  After making
his (in)famous remarks about _NLR_ in March 1997  on M-INT (and 
other equally memorable destructive remarks), he went on to 
found the Crash-List which  became the A-List.  He is being fondly, 
but uncritically, remembered on many other "marxism" lists.

In death as in life we should remember both the good and the 
bad.  Mark was very good and very bad. 

In solidarity, Jerry

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